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Swinglifestyle for local couples, singles to hook up, kinky fetish, bdsm dating. He was [polyamorous] with his wife," Kyle said.

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Kyle marveled at how in love Martin and his wife were and he said it taught him a valuable lesson about his "personal journey to find what works for me or what I can envision as a healthy relationship outside of strict heterosexual monogamy. He does, however, still have contact and maintain friendly relationships with two sugar daddies, years later.

Even though it's no longer a source of supplemental income for him, Kyle wants to emphasize that "this kind of stuff is legitimate, should be decriminalized, and is a legit profession. Kyle does warn that to be a sugar baby, healthy boundaries are necessary. He also said that being a sugar baby is not for the naive, warning that safety, introspection, and emotional health are all key to success. Louis Baragona. He was a sugar baby for years and was paid in everything from clothes to his rent.

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Kyle said that being a sugar baby was eye-opening, but the experience is not for everyone.